Carrie Streeter

PhD Candidate, Department of History •  University of California, San Diego •


2012-2019      University of California, San Diego   •   PhD in U.S. History (anticipated defense Spring 2019) •  Dissertation:          Self-Expression and Health: Mind-Body Medicine in the Era of the New Woman     

2010-2012      Appalachian State University•   MA Public History,  Thesis: “Let Me See Some Insane People”: Progressive Era Development of the State Hospital at Morganton, 1882-1907

1996-2001     Weber State University•  BA with University Honors, English (Major) and Sociology (Minor)     

Research Interests   U.S. History, 1800-1960s; Cultural History of Health, Gender, and Race; Women's History; History of Dance and Expressive Arts; Public History


2012    Flat Top Manor Historic Furnishings Reports, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.

2011    “Theatrical Entertainments and Kind Words: Nursing the Insane in Western North Carolina 1882-1907,” Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing (2011): 904-913.

Manuscripts In Development 

"Relaxation to the Rescue": Battling Fatigue and Femininity in the Women's Army Corps, 1942-1945

"Outlets for Pent-Up Individualities": Black Pageants and Public Health, 1890s-1920s.

Research Fellowships and Grants                                                                                                           

2017   Graduate Student Travel Grant, American Association of History of Medicine

2016   New England Regional Consortium Fellowship

2016   University of California, San Diego Dean’s Travel Award

2015   University of California, San Diego History Department Research Travel Award

2013   New York Public Library Short-Term Research Fellowship

2013   University of California, San Diego History Department Research Travel Award

Awards and Scholarships                                                                                                                       

2018   Chancellor's Research Excellence Scholarship, University of California, San Diego

2016    Distinguished Teaching Assistant, UC San Diego History Department

2016    Graduate Student Conference Poster Prize, Western Association of Women Historians

2012   Outstanding Thesis in the College of Arts & Humanities, Appalachian State University

2012    Thomas K. Keefe History Scholarship, Appalachian State University

2010-2012     North Carolina Tuition Scholarship, Appalachian State University

Presentations and Lectures                                                                                                                       

2018: "Genevieve Stebbins: Stories of Blowing Rock's Mysterious "Yogi", Invited Lecture, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum.

2017: "Tranquility vs. Tranquilizers: World-War II era Battles for Mind Body Medicine," Invited Lecture,  UCLA Center for Social History of Medicine and the Humanities.

2017: "Outlets for Pent Up Individualism" Black Women and the Health Culture of Black Community Pageants, 1890s-1920s," invited lecture at UC Riverside's Dance History Colloquium. 

2017: "Bodies of Possibility: Swedish Movement Cures & Spaces for Social Reform," Social Science History Association, Montreal, Canada.

2017:  “Mind-Body Practices for Racial Uplift: Black Women and Expressive Training, 1890s-1920s,"  Emerging Scholars Workshop, Richards Civil War Era Center, The Pennsylvania State University, Topic: Historicizing Blackness: Sports, Performance, and Politics

2017: “Tension Control on the Homefront and Warfront: Neuromuscular Relaxation and the G.I. Generation,” American Association for the History of Medicine Annual Meeting 

2017: “Relaxation to the Rescue: Battling Fatigue and Femininity in the Women’s Army Corps, 1942-1945,” Western Association of Women Historians Annual Meeting

2016:   “Swedish Movement-Cures and American Reform Movements,” Western Association of Women Historians Annual Meeting

2016:  “What They Do at the Springs: Water-Cures and Mind-Body Medicine in Vermont, 1840s-1900s,” Invited presentation at the Vermont Historical Society

2016:  “Water-Cure in the Time of Cholera: An Alternative History, ” Guest Lecturer, History of Public Health, University of California, San Diego

2015: “Before Yoga: History’s Position in the Modern Use of Mind-Body Medicine," Social Science History Association Annual Meeting

2014: “‘Happiness of Distinct Psychological Value’: Making Relaxation Exercises Medical and Manly,” Social Science History Association Annual Meeting

2014:  “Performing Your Self: A Study of America’s First ‘Yoga’ Culture,” Berkshire Conference of Women Historians

2013:  “Psycho-Physical Culture and the New Woman’s Vision of Health,”  Social Science History Association Annual Meeting

2012: “‘Let Me See Some Insane People’: Normalizing Psychiatric Care in Western North Carolina,” Southern Association for History and Medicine Annual Meeting

Teaching and Research Experience                                                                                                   

2012-current Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of California, San Diego

HILD 2A, Survey of Early American History, Dr. Mark Hanna

HILD 2B, The Nineteenth Century, U.S. History,  Dr. Rachel Klein

HILD 2C: The Long Twentieth Century, U.S. History, Dr. Michael Parrish

HIUS 130: U.S. Cultural History, 1765-1860, Dr. Rachel Klein

HILD 30: History of Public Health, Dr. Claire Edington                       


 HISC 115: History of Modern Medicine, Dr. Cathy Gere

HIUS 133: The Golden Age of Piracy, Dr. Mark Hanna

HIUS 131: United States Cultural History, 1877-1918, Dr. Rachel Klein

2011-2012       Instructor, Western Piedmont Community College, Morganton, NC

                        HUM 120: Cultural Study of Mental Health Care in the American South

2010-2012       Graduate Research Assistant, Appalachian State University, Dr. Neva Specht. Primary researcher and co-author of a Historic Furnishings Report on Flat Top Manor in Blowing Rock, North Carolina; Commissioned by the National Park Service

K-12 Professional Experience                                                                                                                       

2008-2010            5th Grade Teacher, Legacy Preparatory Academy,  North Salt Lake City, Utah                      

2002-2008           Editorial Director of the Textbook Department, Gibbs Smith, Publisher, Kaysville, Utah  


2016-current            Youth Mentor,  Western Youth Network, Boone, North Carolina

2015-current             Conference Program Coordinator, Western Association of Women Historians

2006-2009             History Fair Judge and Coordinator, Utah’s Fair for National History Day