Serena and Carrie have been collaborating, conspiring, and brewing up magic for almost a decade.  They have co-created several yoga classes in their hometown of Boone, North Carolina and they led their first trip to Bali in 2015. Serena and Carrie love all adventures, big and small, and they look forward to visiting more of this world with friends, old and new.


Serena Crawford

How do we show up in the world and skillfully, gracefully work and play with whatever life is offering us? This is one of the questions that fuels Serena's practice and teaching. Her classes combine a lighthearted approach to asana and philosophical wisdom she has gathered through studies with many masterful teachers. Serena is a mother, mountain girl, traveler, and lover of life. She brings all of these experiences to her teaching of pranayama, meditation, myth, mudra. She offers plenty of space to invite self-inquiry. Serena has led yoga retreats in western North Carolina, Mexico, Peru, and Bali.


Carrie Streeter

One of Carrie's dearest friends described her as a Humanist, Historian, and Yogi. She thinks it fits. She never tires of hearing someone describe their experiences, and she has a deep curiosity and appreciation for the many ways humans create happy lives.  She has been an airline reservation agent, a history textbook editor, a fifth grade teacher, and community college instructor.  Carrie has dedicated the last eight years to the study of U.S.  history, and she is currently writing her PhD dissertation, Before Yoga: American Movements for Self-Expression and Health, 1840s-1940s.